Next level NFT collection


Crypto Legion is a collection of hand drawn Roman Soldiers and then programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

What is Crypto Legion?

Crypto Legion is a collection of hand drawn Roman Soldiers and then programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 4200 randomly assembled Legionnaires.

Legionnaires will be used in few different games (different games will be launched and added to the Eco system on time intervals to maintain the interest and to approach newcomers) with different mechanics and gameplay set but all in the same metaverse.

Creators from all across the globe. Whether you are interested in digital art, photography or unique mixed media, you can find it here.Legionnaires will also have a variety of outfits, weapons, faces and colors – all Legionnaires are looking good, but completed outfit soldiers are the coolest and most powerful. Each Legionnaire is being generated with a skill set (power, stamina, speed etc.) Legionnaires could be trained and equipped with weapons and outfits that will improve the overall score (power) of each soldier. 

What makes this project unique?

The Crypto Legion is having a head start from the community of Legion Run ( – the biggest OCR event in South-East Europe with presence in more than 12 countries and more than 200 000 followers in the different social networks.

We will be giving the ability to generate real-life incomes by playing online games.

Participation in the games and challenges will generate incomes for the Crypto Legionnaire owners with Legio tokens (The currency of the Eco system) – that can be used for:

  •       Inside the Crypto Legion Eco system:
  •       Upgrading you Legionnaire by trainings
  •       Purchasing equipment and outfits that are making him stronger and increasing his chances to win a game or a challenge with another Crypto Legionnaire
  •     Challenging other Crypto Legionnaires for participation in the different games to be launched
  •     Owners will be able to bet against each other – house will be always taking a cut ensuring sustainability and return of tokens to the original issuer.
  • In real life by the ability to use the tokens for Crypto Legion Merchandise

Furthermore, the Legio tokens will be accepted for payments for participation in Legion Run Event tickets and purchases during event day, Legion Run Merchandising and other products and services offered by Legion.

How strong is my legionnaire



For starters – all Legionnaires start with a base set of skills. For each skill soldier can have between 2 and 10 points.

Each equipment added or trainings performed improves a different skill.

Loss in a game, battle challenge or a game will decrease the skill set of the legionnaire and a win will be improving it based on a complex algorithm.



Simply connect your wallet to our website using metamask and mint your Legionnaire directly into the blockchain

2. Use and upgrade your soldier

Each week there will be new training challenges and game tournaments to participate in that can make your Legionnaire stronger and generate you tokens. 

3. Earn and Use your tokens

Tokens can be used for upgrading your Legionnaires, participate in games and tournaments against other player. There will be also games you can play against computer. You will have the ability to spent your tokens in the MetaVerse or in the real world.

Why get a crypto Legionnaire?

Aside from participating in one the absolutely most inspiring hand drawn but randomized NFT projects to date and getting a unique artwork – you can help us evolve and build the future of Crypto Legionnaires.

We’re giving back % of all ETH raised to the community (through the games, contests, raffles, and more) – because we believe that Crypto Legionnaires should be a community driven project. By getting and training your Crypto Legionnaire you have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the project. We’ll need help from you guys to determining specifics for future developments like games, next generation Crypto Legionnaires and much more!

What games / challenges will give the ability to spent and win tokens in


  • Legion Marches (runs) – (Courses imitating the Legion Run – each course will require different skill set to be overtaken by the Legionnaire)
  • Board games
  • Card Games
  • Fight games

o            Against computer

o            Tournaments between the Crypto Legionnaires

  • More games based on demands and community interest



•            Launching a Gen 2 Soldiers – Gladiators that will be used in Fight games

•            Introducing Training grounds and Colosseum

•            Ability to launch alliances between the different Crypto Legionnaires and challenge other teams

•            New team-oriented games to be released

•            More real-life chances to spend your Legio tokens by collaboration with brands